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Alt. U-CH, URO 3, WTCH. SRN Eagle's SugarNSpice CDX-OFTDS, AKC-RE, RM


Spice is a very keen dog on stock, a natural 
Her 1st and only trial ,High Plains Labor day weekend-2010,she was entered in 12 runs over the weekend, Q'd in all ,placed in all but one 
Most Promising dog each day, for the weekend
Finished ASCA RN with a HIT 
Two Q's towards CD were HIT
Spice also has OFTDs
HIT Obedience dog with stock titles at 2011 Colorado Classic, Memorial Weekend
Finished OTD d,s,c, ATD d,s at HP Labor Day weekend trial-2011
1st Q in ASCA Rally Exc. - HIT

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