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WTCH, SVCH, UC-CH, URO 3 SRN Eagle's Remember When UD, RM, RTDs, RS-O, RJ-V


Pepper, 3rd in MVA at 09 Nationals, 2nd in ATDs, Nationals trial HIT duck score, LOBO trial. Finished RS-O-two 1st places,Minn pre-trial
Most Promising ,1st stock trial  HIT/BOB same day
Hi CH Stock dog, all 3 days LOBO -08 ,Colo.Memorial weekend -09
Finished VCH/WTCH same weekend
Offspring excelling in Agility, Conformation, Obediance, Stock
Pepper finished her UD in March 2012
Pepper's 2nd leg towards ASCA UD-HIT

Last photo by Janice Dearth 

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